The best OEM factory in Guangzhou

update2018-3-31 FromOMU Click: 2487

Guangzhou Offroad Automotive Manufacturing Ltd, (lift kit)a well-respected parts, manufacturing, and product developing facility based in Guangzhou, China. The thousands of Jeepers that flock to the town every year for EJS, or any time of year for that matter, now have a new shop they can rely on right in Guangzhou.


You can bring your 4x4 in for regular maintenance, new parts, needed repairs, or modifications and upgrades in Guangzhou Offroads huge new building complete with a showroom and a shop with three lifts and plenty of floor space. We spoke with Leo Li, general manager of Guangzhou Offroad(lift kit), and he told us we began construction of our new full-service parts&accessories OEM factory early in the first place, and were able to have it up and running for 2018 Easter Jeep Safari so we could be a top-level OEM and manufacturing facility for customers in the world for the Safari as well as those off-road enthusiasts visiting Guangzhou year round.(lift kit)


Guangzhou Offroad also offers a wide variety of general services(lift kit), but if you do happen to break something or snap a weld, its welders have years of experience and can fix your rig up right. Visit the Guangzhou City, location for OEM production and customizing order. Contact the company at email or our official website.